Deleting a runtime Role in SAP HANA

SAP HANA DB supports 2 types of roles:

  1. Catalog RolesĀ  that can be created from HANA Studio –> Security –> Roles option
  2. Repository Roles that can be created either from Project Explorer or from Web IDE –> Editor –> Package

When a repository role is created and activated, the run-time version is created which will be owned by the user _SYS_REPO. However, when the repository (design time) role is deleted, it will not delete the run-time version automatically. Follow the below steps to delete the run-time version along with the design-time role.

1. Navigate to the package that has the role.
2. Right-click and choose Delete.
3. Right-click on the package and choose Activate All.
4. Capture the package in a Delivery Unit (DU)
5. Export the DU from the source system
6. Import the DU in the target system

This process will remove the runtime version of the HANA role along with the designtime role.

NOTE: You have to have system privilege ROLE ADMIN to perform this activity.

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