Actions Audited by default with the Audit Policy

Are you wondering which options will be audited by default? If you enable auditing, some of the actions are audited by default and need not be included in the user-defined audit polices. These actions are audited by the internal audit policy and are not listed for users to select while defining the audit policy in SAP HANA.

The actions listed below are always audited and result in audit entries with the audit level CRITICAL. Audit entries are written to the audit trail configured for this audit level. If no audit trail is configured for audit level CRITICAL, entries are written to the audit trail configured for the database.

  • Creation, modification or deletion of audit policies
  • Deletion of audit entries from the audit trail (To delete audit entries, refer to the FAQ)
  • Changing the audit trail target, i.e., from Database table to Syslog
  • Changing authentication methods
  • Changing the maximum length of a statement that is audited completely
  • Changing the password of the SYSTEM user of a tenant database from the system database. An audit entry is written to the audit trail of both the system database and the tenant database.

For a list of actions that are audited by default, you may visit the following SAP Help article.

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