SAP released the 1st level of rules for SAP HANA Database in GRC 10.1 SP20. As you are aware, GRC 10.1 is optimized for SAP HANA and has numerous advantages such as

  • User provisioning is possible in the SAP HANA-based applications.
  • Analytical Privileges and Roles can be assigned directly with the Access Request in the HDB.
  • Perform risk analysis for SAP HANA-based authorizations to avoid SoD conflicts (SAP just started with developing the rules for HANA (HDB). Even though the no. is very low at this moment, you will see numerous changes to the HDB ruleset in the following SP versions.)
  • Removes the performance issues and time requirements for generating risk analysis etc., using Access risk analysis.

Below are some of the Rules that are delivered by SAP for SAP HANA DB:

For more information, refer the SP20 Master note for GRC Access Control.