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How do I create the role & what privileges are required in the role?

Before creating a role, please note that the role can be either a Repository Role or a Catalog Role.

Below are the steps to create a role in Catalog (Run-time) mode:

To create a role:

  • Right-click on Security, Role and select New role.
  • Then assign the relevant privileges/roles and publish the roles.

Below table gives you a quick understanding on which privileges are required for every target user:


A role in the Repository (Design-time) mode can be created from the Project Explorer.

What are the differences between a catalog role and a repository role?

When you create a role in Run-time, the owner of the role will be the creator only. Incase if other users should get authorization to grant this role to any other users, then the owner should provide that authorization.

When a role is created as a repository role, the repository version belongs to the owner, and the activated version (run-time) belongs to SYS_REPO.

GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE privilege in HANA gives authorization to users to grant Repository roles that are owned by _SYS_REPO.  Below are the differences between a Catalog role and a Repository role:

Catalog and Repository Roles

How do I create roles in Design time (Repository Roles)?

To create roles in design time, you need to have a project created under the Project Explorer. Note that the Administration perspective will allow you to create only run-time roles. To create the design-time roles, you need to be in the HANA Development perspective.

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